Penny's Recommendations for Award Winning Holiday Wines

7th Dec 2016 @ 11:01 by Matt

December is stuffed with a myriad of opportunities to open a bottle of wine with friends and family. The last thing you need is the extra stress of figuring out what kind of wine to buy for parties, festive meals and holiday get-togethers. We’ve got you covered with a few holiday wine shopping recommendations.

Holiday parties are fun, and buying the wine for them can be almost as enjoyable. To help take the stress out of planning the wine for your party we’ve put together these simple tips. Let’s just say we were inspired not only by the holidays, but also by winning several noteworthy awards at prominent competitions.

Get the Right Amount

Figuring out how much wine to buy is as simple as understanding how many servings are in a bottle, how much your guests will drink and the number of guests you expect.

Step 1: Serving size

One 750-milileter bottle = five 5-ounce servings One case (12 750-milileter bottles) = 60 servings

Step 2: Consumption average

Assume guests at a holiday party will consume up to two glasses of wine per hour.

Step 3: Simple equation

One hour at two glasses per person x 10 guests = four bottles of wine. Extrapolate from there.

Get the Right Mix

If your party begins before 5 p.m., get a mix that includes 20 percent sparkling wine, 20 percent rosé, 30 percent white wine and 30 percent red wine. If your party starts after 5 p.m., your mix should include 30 percent sparkling wine, 10 percent rosé, 10 percent white wine and 50 percent red wine.

Get the Right Wines

It’s always nice to pick crowd-pleaser wines that are both versatile with food and recognizable. One way to ensure a wine is recognizable is by choosing wines that have won awards at prestigious competitions. We have you covered with recommendations of some of our wines that just won significant awards.

Award Winning Holiday Choices


Serving holiday dinner without a white wine is like starting the day without coffee. You just wouldn’t do it. Put our food-friendly Wedding Oak Winery Albariño on your shopping list. This versatile wine pairs well with a wide variety of holiday fare, with flavors of crushed pineapple, ruby red grapefruit and red apple, with a lingering finish of lemon zest. Wedding Oak Winery Albariño, Texas High Plains, 2015 just won a Gold Medal at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 2017 International Wine Competition, and it won a Silver medal and Texas Class Champion at the 2017 Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition. Grab a bottle or two for $27


Beyond being incredibly beautiful to serve on a holiday table, rosé is a fantastic light, refreshing style of wine tailor made for complex menus. Our Bridal Blush has the acidity and fruit to make it a great wine to drink with Christmas dinner. It’s as festive as the holidays with fresh apricots and cherry scents and juicy strawberry flavor. Impress your guests with telling them the Wedding Oak Winery Bridal Blush, Texas High Plains, 2014 Rosé won Double Gold, and was a Class Champion and a Texas Class Champion at the 2017 Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition. It is a bargain for $21.


That shimmering Christmas goose might make you crave white wine, but our 2014 Tempranillo Reserva will give it wings. Its invigorating acidity, sumptuous fruit and soft tannins make it the perfect bedfellow with not only fowl, but also just about anything. It is elegant and complex without being fussy. Our recently released Wedding Oak Winery Tempranillo Reserva, Texas Hill Country, 2014 recently won a Silver Medal at the 2017 Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition. This impressive wine is available to our club members only for $35 (join the club!).

An alternate red wine for those of you who like a hint of sweetness is our newest release, our 2015 Texedo Red. Be one of the first people in Texas to taste this complex wine full of raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blackberry, stewed plum and concentrated currants mingled with tobacco and vanilla. It has a velvety mouth feel with a hint of sweetness wrapped around a core of grippy tannins. It will be a perfect pair with Beef Wellington for the holidays and sells for $27.

Wedding Oak Winery Award Winners

We are thrilled to receive several medals at both the recent at the 2017 Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition and the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 2017 International Wine Competition. It is excellent validation that the wines we make for you are of the utmost quantity.

Including the wines above, Wedding Oak Winery has been recognized with three Class Champion awards, four Texas Class Champion awards, a Double Gold, two Golds, five Silvers, and several Bronze medals. We’re humbled by the recognition, and all the more committed to continuing to strive for excellence in our winemaking.

We wish you and yours the happiest holiday season filled with wine and cheer.