Relax, Sip & Savor Wedding Oak Wines

16th Sep 2015 @ 08:20 by Heidi H.

"Hurry, hurry. Rush, rush. My life feels like it goes 100mph. As a freelance wine writer, wife, mother, daughter, and friend I am constantly on the move. My family keeps me crazy busy and even the blessing of writing about wine, food, travel, and music leads to a harried pace. Of course as a modern woman I want to do it all with style and flair! For many summer means a slower pace but with a house of teens that never seems to happen. I look forward to back to school each year to get back into a routine but it seems the school year pace even further quickens. My life is simply too busy. Do you feel constantly rushed, pulled from one thing to another, never completely present for your life? There may be an answer for both of us."

"Wine. That’s right, wine! Wine is meant for social enjoyment. Gather your spouse, friends, family or even co-workers, make a nice meal (hurry, rush, stress!), then once you are among those who are dear to you wine, dine and relax!"

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