Texas Monthly Best of 2015- Tre Vi

17th Dec 2015 @ 13:19 by Mike

"There was a time when I used to think wine tasting was a fun little exercise for the senses. In many ways it still is, but when your job is tasting wine for a living—and reporting on the very good, the good, the not-so-good, and the just plain ugly—this exercise can start to feel, well, just like exercise. Add in the fact that I’m sizing up a burgeoning wine region (Texas) against the heralded regions of the world (Napa, Sonoma, Bordeaux, Piedmont, Mosel, etc.), the responsibility can feel altogether overwhelming.

Daunting or not, in the four years we’ve been evaluating wines for this annual best Texas wines list, the state’s viticultural industry—and the grape growers who lead it—have been markedly improving. The Texas Hill Country has recently earned accolades from Wine Enthusiast and USA Today, reliably making lists that exalt it as one of the top wine destinations in the world. Texas wines from every local region also continue to win lots of shiny medals from national award competitions.

Wedding Oak Winery 2014 TreVi
From winemaker Penny Adams out in San Saba at the upper part of the Hill Country, this delicious wine is a blend of three top white grapes for Texas that all begin with the letter “v:” Viognier, Verdehlo, and Vermentino. Though all originally from France, Portugal, and Italy, respectively, each of these grapes combine their individual strengths into one powerfully enchanting white wine. Tart green apple, ripe citrus, fragrant yellow flowers, and a hint of golden raisins come together in the glass with beautiful balance and vibrant structure. A true gem." Price: $27

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